The Rise of Lithium Battery Stock
2014年07月17日 14:47 阅读:

Shanghai and shenzhen stock markets rebounded yesterday, trading volume significantly enlarge, shows that market situation improved markedly. In that context, the subject of speculation share shows a tendency of blossoming again. Benefit from the policy stimulus, lithium battery stock get promoted and became the focus of the market.


Lithium battery index has gone up 5.91% on this Monday, and led gains in 90 concept indexes. Except the suspended Chengfei and EVE engergy, the rest 24 index constituent stocks are all red, in which , 6 stocks climbing limit, 22 stocks gone up over 3%, a new rise pattern of lithium battery is coming. It’s worth noting that lithium battery index up 18.64% since new year, shows that this subject is continuously welcomed by fund.


Analysts say that the main reason of lithium battery rebound is policy stimulus. Finance Ministry has announced to adjust new energy car subsidy standards, clear and definite the policy of current subsidy promotion will continue to implement when it’s due, as the most important part in new energy car industry chain, lithium battery is supported by fund. But it’s worth to noting that , the performance of lithium battery , especially the updates of key material has been a focus of the market, that means “ stonger dominated” status will be maintained in the lithium battery industry, the cake of industry chain updates will be shared by the leading enterprises that have R&D advantages, so the analyst suggests that the investor choose on a selective basis.

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