The Third National Symposium on Lithium Battery Anode and Cathode Materials was Held in March, 2014
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Anode and cathode materials are the key material of Lithium battery, which comprise about 50% of the battery cost and have an important influence on battery’s safety, properties, cost and working life. The anode material include LiCoO2LiMn2O4ternary materials, LiFePO4, the performances and prices have their own characters and they have been widely used in the market. About the cathode material, graphite is still the mainstream, but there is a great potential on some new cathode materials, such as hard carbon, lithium titanate, Silicon/Tin based anode materials.


Even though the development of electric car is very slow globally, the average growth rate of Chinese lithium battery still up to 29% from 2007 to 2013 on the back of strong smart phones and tablets demands, which afford a good business opportunity for battery material industry. Korean SK and Japanese Mitsubishi have invested anode and cathode material plants respectively in China, some of domestic enterprises also became the leading enterprise in the industry, such as Tianjing Bamo, Hunan Ruixiang, Shanshan, Builtech, etc.


The mainstream technology of anode and cathode material will coexistence and development, because of differentiated demands caused by different applications. The key points of industry development is how to optimize process technology and improve products performance. The major concentration of further R&D work on material technology were improve specific capacity, reduce cost, improve circulation and safety. With the demands of lithium batteries and digital li-ion battery continue to ascend, the situation of anode and cathode material mass overcapacity is expected to be alleviated.


The third national symposium on lithium battery anode and cathode materials was held in Shenzhen city from March 6 to March 7 , 2014. The conference was mainly discussed the effects of state industry policies on lithium battery anode and cathode materials industry, the market outlook and material demands of digital, dynamic, storage lithium batteries, the development potential and technology trends of different kinds of anode and cathode materials, technical innovation and research progress of new materials, the optimization of battery material process technology and performance.

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